• Crafted from organic spring green tea leaves and organic jasmine petals.

  • ​Flavor Notes: Elements of jasmine flow naturally into green tea to evoke a soothing sensation.
  • This high anti-oxidant tea fortifies your body’s defenses against damaging free radicals and calms the cardiovascular system.


  • ​Crafted from organic Egyptian hibiscus flowers, organic Sencha green tea, organic lemongrass and ginger.

  • ​​Flavor Notes: Our Egyptian hibiscus flowers are among the finest in the world and combine with the top-quality Sencha to offer a light richness of flavor with notes of clover honey and sweet grass.
  • Designed to boost metabolism and reduce bloating.


  • ​Crafted from organic Sri Lanka black tea, organic calendula petals, organic osmanthus petals and natural peach flavor.

  • ​​Flavor Notes: Natural citrus peach and sweet apricot flavors impart a fruitful essence to this tea.
  • Designed to increase energy and focus.


  • ​Crafted from organic South African Rooibos tea,  organic blueberries, organic shizandra berries and organic hibiscus flowers.

  • ​Flavor Notes: A delicious rooibos blend with a hint of summer fresh blueberries. 
  • This caffeine-free rooibos tea calms restlessness and fights free radicals.

​​Steeped with a Purpose